The weeks just seem to be hurtling by at the moment and I can’t say I’m sorry about it! Just now I am finding myself at each weekend before I’ve realised we’ve even made it to Wednesday the days feel quite long but the weeks so very short! It also means that we are hurtling headlong into my favourite seasons and once again I’m not even one bit sorry! 😍

We really try to keep our weekends low key around here , we all recognise that we thrive best when we can have a good weekend  re charge at our docking station that we call home, so when we can we don’t venture very far and enjoy large chunks of down time, snuggled in our nest. We do enjoy plenty of  local walks  and yesterday we spent our morning strolling around nearby St Andrews.


Last week week we enjoyed walking under the trees down by the burn at the Lade Braes in St Andrews and this week we decided to have a wander along the coastline, past the ruins of the cathedral and down to the little harbour.


The view along towards the old castle was beautiful. It was still quite early in the day so everywhere was lovely and quiet.


We walked down the historic pier for the very first time ever, Sometimes we just forget to enjoy what is right on our doorstep.



We walked along the harbour and looped back up and through these gorgeous arches to the main streets of the town where we enjoyed an early lunch in a little coffee shop that I’ve always fancied trying .


It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning and the perfect way to kick off our family filled weekend …

and the perfect way to keep this mamas heart happy. Happy weekending everyone ❤️


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