Discombobulated. Off kilter. Out of whack. Out of sorts. Confused. Bruised. Tired. Weary.

That’s how I’m feeling today, well it’s how I have felt this whole entire summer to be honest but I’m afraid if I even start to tug on that thread I may begin to unravel. Eek….. Anyhoo, today’s personal weirdness  is mainly due to the fact that this morning the teen has headed off on his first day of college. Cue all the feels!! Thankfully he just had to pop on to the 7am bus and hasn’t headed off to live away from home just yet. But it still just feels so odd, like everything is just a little out of sorts somehow.

I also waited for over an hour this morning for two littles to get dropped off and when they didn’t arrive , I checked the diary and there were their names. I raked back through my emails , away back in june when I received their mama’s shifts and it was me who was mistaken, I had written it down wrong. They’re here tomorrow not today……so even then, way back in June, I didn’t even have my shit together.


Thankfully, this mistake has gifted me a lovely wee quiet morning alone in my strangely silent house and makes the rest of the day easier (it also makes tomorrow miles busier 😳 but we won’t dwell on that….lol) a little time to rest my poor still sore neck and shoulder , finish another book (which turned out a little racy!! Made me blush 😜) And drink tea and try to re-combobulate myself.

Onwards and upwards folks!

I hope everyone is having a much spiffier Tuesday than I ❤️


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