Octobering. Another new word that I invented! I love it! It stays! 

A few things that are making my heart happy this week…

Our Autumn chalkboard (that has now been defaced by my cheeky Dad!! Which actually also makes my heart happy ❤️) 

Autumnal goodies creeping in.❤️

Pumpkins ❤️

The time to rearrange my dresser ❤️

An Autumnal gift from one of my faves ❤️

Miss Meatball as always ❤️

Foxy goodness ❤️

A lazy Sunday lie in with my love ❤️



So, yesterday sucked! It was just one of those yucky days where everything felt wrong and a bit sad.  We got some bad sad upsetting  crappy news to do with my Dad’s health and just a huge general feeling of ugh-ness (not a real word but sums it up perfectly!) 

It was one of those days that had me dreaming of a remote cottage with no responsibilities, a log fire, a stack of books and a few bottles of wine. 

I may or may not have spent a good half hour looking at houses for sale online…..

But today is a new , beautiful crisp , sunny Autumn day and I have had a word with myself.  I’ve shifted around my mindset a bit and realised that thinking negative thoughts and feeling negative breeds negativity all around me, so instead I want to focus on positive thoughts. 

My Dad is my absolute super hero and I know he will be ok, he has to be. 

Yes my neck issues from last year are returning, I think it’s all down to the stress of the past few months. It’s inconvenient and painful but I am grateful to have the ability to book a physio appointment and to have the time today to attend it without any rushing or juggling. 

This summer I started on the journey of what I had thought was going to be a new career, as it turns out it wasn’t for me in the end and it was has been a difficult decision to walk away from it. Today I should have been heading south for a 3 day training course with some great friends that I had met along the way. I feel a little bit sad that I won’t be connecting with them all this week as I loved those girls to bits! But we have another weekend planned to get together and that one won’t involve stressy work stuff! Win win in my book! 

There is beauty to be found in letting go though and what I will gain this weekend is priceless to me, time with my family, peace of mind and no stress induced illness. 

Today I am choosing to feel happy, I will breathe in the fresh sea air and enjoy the sunshine on my face. And although I never did find that remote cottage, I do have a stack of books, a fake electric wood burner and a bottle of wine. 

                                                                 Happy Thursday Folks ❤️