Our Garden 2019

Each year we try to grow as many veggies and tomatoes as we can. We have had some great successes and some great failures over the years.

This year , the weather hasn’t really been on our side but we’ve still managed to grow a bit of a jungle.

we have lost a fair few fights with the snails this year, I think the wet weather has made for some perfect snail conditions. They left enough for us to have a good few homegrown meals and we have learned some lessons for next year.

i started this post a good few weeks ago now and another garden update will be due soon. The changing of the seasons fills me with so much joy. Especially the summer -autumn-winter change. Incorporating the changes in the garden into our seasonal plans feels so good and connective. It is so satisfying to enjoy the goodies that we have grown throughout the summer and on into autumn. At this time of year I love planning what we can change and add in next year. I’m now reading up on what we can look into growing over the winter, this will be the first time I will try this . It’s so exciting !


It’s been around 8/9 months since we decided as a family to try to start living with less waste.

As with all things there have been some successes and some failures .

I think the real root of it all is habits. Just changing one little thing at a time and continuing to make those changes day after day , they all add up and become steps towards living a little more mindfully.

Plastic is in the news and plastic is where it started for us but it’s only the tip of a really huge iceberg of problems.

We have mostly started by trying to reduce our use of disposable items , single use convenience products that aren’t just made of plastic. We really need to simply get out of the habit of single use items. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, napkins, coffee cups, disposable cutlery, disposable wipes…just to name a few.

All of these changes are easy and most require nothing more than refusal!

No straw please!

No napkin needed thanks.

Others will need a little bit of organisation but the more you do it , the easier it becomes to remember . We just need to start with the habits.

Carry a reusable bag with you at all times and remember to use it.

Take a reusable cup with you if you often buy takeaway drinks

Carry a straw in your bag (even a reusable plastic straw will be fine , it’s not single use and can be reused for years)

If you are at home, use a cosy wet face cloth instead of baby wipes for hands and faces , use a cloth to wipe down kitchen surfaces instead of disposable wipes.

Pop your /your child’s lunchtime sandwich into a tub instead of cling film/food bag

refill a juice/water bottle instead of using a new one each day.

Just by adopting these easy habits , how many disposable items can one person avoid each week?. Multiply that by the number of people in your home and you can see how quickly you can eliminate a good number of disposable products without having to spend any money or really change much about your day to day living .

I think for my first post on this subject this is probably a good place for me to finish up and put together a wee series of the bite size steps we have taken on our journey so far and the areas that I feel we need to try harder ☺️


Octobering. Another new word that I invented! I love it! It stays! 

A few things that are making my heart happy this week…

Our Autumn chalkboard (that has now been defaced by my cheeky Dad!! Which actually also makes my heart happy ❤️) 

Autumnal goodies creeping in.❤️

Pumpkins ❤️

The time to rearrange my dresser ❤️

An Autumnal gift from one of my faves ❤️

Miss Meatball as always ❤️

Foxy goodness ❤️

A lazy Sunday lie in with my love ❤️


So, yesterday sucked! It was just one of those yucky days where everything felt wrong and a bit sad.  We got some bad sad upsetting  crappy news to do with my Dad’s health and just a huge general feeling of ugh-ness (not a real word but sums it up perfectly!) 

It was one of those days that had me dreaming of a remote cottage with no responsibilities, a log fire, a stack of books and a few bottles of wine. 

I may or may not have spent a good half hour looking at houses for sale online…..

But today is a new , beautiful crisp , sunny Autumn day and I have had a word with myself.  I’ve shifted around my mindset a bit and realised that thinking negative thoughts and feeling negative breeds negativity all around me, so instead I want to focus on positive thoughts. 

My Dad is my absolute super hero and I know he will be ok, he has to be. 

Yes my neck issues from last year are returning, I think it’s all down to the stress of the past few months. It’s inconvenient and painful but I am grateful to have the ability to book a physio appointment and to have the time today to attend it without any rushing or juggling. 

This summer I started on the journey of what I had thought was going to be a new career, as it turns out it wasn’t for me in the end and it was has been a difficult decision to walk away from it. Today I should have been heading south for a 3 day training course with some great friends that I had met along the way. I feel a little bit sad that I won’t be connecting with them all this week as I loved those girls to bits! But we have another weekend planned to get together and that one won’t involve stressy work stuff! Win win in my book! 

There is beauty to be found in letting go though and what I will gain this weekend is priceless to me, time with my family, peace of mind and no stress induced illness. 

Today I am choosing to feel happy, I will breathe in the fresh sea air and enjoy the sunshine on my face. And although I never did find that remote cottage, I do have a stack of books, a fake electric wood burner and a bottle of wine. 

                                                                 Happy Thursday Folks ❤️


After a tumultuous few months full to the brim of grief, hard work,  life altering decisions, a lovely family holiday, an away from my family 4 day work trip , tears, heart ache, soul searching and more life altering decisions….I feel like I have suddenly woken up from a fairly long nightmare. 

Luckily for me I have awoken in my favourite season, choc full of my favourite things. 

I am finding it so hard to believe that September is almost over …… I’m struggling so much with this that I have to check the date multiple times each day and keep writing an 8 instead of a 9 when writing the date. Luckily it’s almost October and hopefully it will be more settled. 

Im so grateful for the support of my family and friends over recent weeks and months. I will never forget how they showed up for me when I really needed them ❤️ 

Tough decisions have been made and life can return to normal and I can look forward to the weeks and seasons ahead. Coming up in the next few weeks;

Weekend walks

Falling leaves 

Hot chocolate 


Cosy scarves and knitted jumpers 


Weekends away with family and friends 

Dark and cosy candle lit evenings 

Conker hunts and crunchy leaves 


Having a happy heart ❤️


It’s a strange place to be and definitely one that has taken me a while to get used to.

 Life without little littles. 

It was a throwaway comment from my sister on Friday night that really started me thinking, I was parking up the car in a pretty tight spot and I asked the kids and hubby to get out so I could really tuck it in without having to worry about opening doors etc. As I was parking my sister said “you know what? You are  so lucky! You can just tell them to stand there and they do!” At 16months and 6 years, my nephews are still little and super busy and my sister is still deeply ensconced “in the trenches” . Sleepless nights, dirty nappies, endless days on the hamster wheel of life with littles.  And she’s right!!  I really am lucky and I guess I do take my easier life for granted a little, but it’s not like I skipped all of the (literal) poop to get here, I just survived it! 

After giving birth to my first child at the age of 17 and a half (we’ll put a pin in the half and some day I’ll tell you about my hubbys take on my need to always point out the half)  I have literally spent my entire adult life looking after little ones. Now my eldest is almost 18 and my youngest child is ten (and a half lol) and we are very much sliding into the golden years of raising our children. It’s something I have struggled with to be honest, I genuinely didn’t think I would ever be ready to give up on the baby years, the tiny hands to hold , the yummy chub and giggles associated with those teeny tinies. 

However, as I have come to learn, with everything in life there is always a pay off! 

I have traded gorgeous pastel (instagrammable) children’s bedrooms ,floral bedding with ballet pictures on the wall , beautiful white furniture and a gorgeous wooden kitchen, or boyish pirate themed bedrooms with treasure map walls and lego everywhere you look , for absolute health hazard pits of despair. I’ve gone from a daily quick , late afternoon tidy round whilst laying out tiny pyjamas for warm bodies straight out of the bath – to a weekly yelling match with threats of bin bags and throwing away anything lying on the floor!! Also teenagers either refuse to shower completely or decide to shower and use every single towel in the house!! There is no in between. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! These are definitely the things that bring out my worst motherly ugliness.

Breathless stories, lisps and mispronounced words will be on my forever miss list. The only trade off for these are (if you are really lucky) hearing their wishes and dreams, worries and needs. Really I’m just glad when they still want to actually speak to me. 

Recently our weekends have been shaping up pretty nicely, on one of the days we go for a nice long stroll and end up somewhere (usually a pub!) for a nice cool drink and some well deserved down time. I’m usually driving to get to wherever we are walking, so this isn’t even about alcohol! Lol. Just the enjoyment of sitting in a grown up atmosphere (not soft play!!) where our girly is happy to chat with us or sit quietly and happily amuse herself while we chat.  Of course we are also walking the tightrope of becoming used to being mostly a family of three for these trips, the eldest is usually working or sitting happily amusing himself in an adult atmosphere with his friends!!  

It may not be as easy to blog about your children as they become older, they really want their stories to remain their own and now they have a bigger online presence, I can’t get away with sharing quite as much! But the upside is that online presence makes their scrummy faces pop up in my instafeed , or cute wee comments pop up when I am least expecting them. Also once they can read and write, you get cute messages left around for you 🙂

One definite perk of having older children is sleep, oh my do I love my sleep!!! And although I treasured every single one of those snugly , milky, precious night feeds full of cuddles that I had with my babies, I feel very lucky to know that now, most nights when I go to bed I will get to stay there until morning!  I guess that will last until they both  start rolling in very late (or early) from their nights out….give and take.

So maybe I am still in the parenting trenches, maybe we never really escape! Lord knows I still call on my parents to help me often enough! Maybe we just move ever closer to the light at the end of the tunnel! ❤️