The last time. 

When you are a parent you are basically on a hamster wheel. Pretty much every day looks the same, wake up, feed, eat, wash, entertain, love, cherish, cry, yawn, play, cuddle, snuggle, work, read, sleep (if you are lucky) and the next day you start all over again and again and again.  Peppered through those days with our little ones are tiny moments that we will love and treasure and  eventually take for granted.  Continue reading


Happy Tuesday


Good morning! Its pouring with rain (again) and I have a cheeky wee day off work! I have lit some candles, poured myself a lovely mug of hot tea and opened up a nice new blog post.


It is so cold, I have actually had to click the heating on which isn’t really surprising seeing as it is January but it has been such a mild winter so far that I have rarely needed the heating on during the day. I’m sure my coldness wont last, I actually have a pretty long list of cleaning and sorting that needs done so I’m sure I will be roasting in no time. I am trying to chip away at some decluttering and organising, which is another post for another day.


I’m afraid that yes I have indeed merely started this post to witter on about the weather and cups of tea. It seemed like a good place to start. My typing skills and writing “voice” are super rusty so I’m thinking some good old wittering will maybe get me back into the swing of things. Speaking of being a little rusty, I am fairly technically challenged, I am finding wordpress very difficult to navigate. Does anyone have any tips or links to some tutorials that they have found handy? I guess I really should have worked out all of the kinks before I set my blog live but where is the fun in that? I’m all about embracing my imperfections and learning on the hop, I don’t mind and I always think that if we show our weaknesses/inabilities publicly then it is possible someone else might learn something along with us.

I have definitely chosen a strange day to be asking for techy advice as today is the first “tech free Tuesday” for our family. I have found myself increasingly distracted by my phone, I am incapable of reading a book, watching a tv programme or even just sitting chatting with my family without constantly reaching for my phone. I can see we are all becoming the same in this house, we can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time anymore. I pitched this idea forward and everyone (even the teen!) has jumped on board and are embracing the idea of tech free Tuesdays. So, after 3pm today all of our phones, tablets and iPads will be switched off and tucked away. The teen’s Xbox will also be off limits. We decided that we wont be totally tech free, we will allow movies and even the Wii as we class those as as family activities. I am really looking forward to it and I hope it starts to chip away at the bad habit of having my phone permanently attached to my hand. It is difficult though, my phone is my personal phone, my business phone, my camera and my computer all in one, it is literally too convenient.

I will be sure to come back with an update of how we got on very soon and in the meantime, if anyone out there has happened upon this quiet little corner of the blogosphere and have some help to offer me in regards to my wordpress inadequacies, I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments section.


LeeAnn x





Blank page.

I think I really need to carry around a tiny notebook in my handbag, back pocket or maybe even my bra or something. I have all of these great ideas for blog posts. Paragraphs running through my head, ideas , cohesive links between moments, photos and words. And then I sit down with time to spare, a blank page in front of me and??? Nothing. It’s all gone. All I am left with is a blank page.

To counteract this Problem I have downloaded the WordPress app, my plan is to quickly start a blog post when it pops in my head! I can jot down ideas straight into the app! Genius! This should work even better than a teeny tiny bra sized notebook, it should work because lord knows I always have my phone in my hand!! Ha ha.
Today though I am quite happy for the blank page, it symbolises the blank page ahead of me. A whole year just waiting to be filled and enjoyed and probably endured at times because, let’s face it, this is real life and it isn’t always awesome. I am super lucky in that my life often/mostly is awesome and we endure the rough bits together with plenty of wine, snacks and good  tv! (A couch date has gotten us through many a rough time.) But let’s be positive! Our 2016 blank page is looking pretty promising from here!
I have a lovely long list of goals, resolutions, inspirational intentions whatever you want to call them, I have plenty of things to keep me (even) busy (er) in the coming months. One is being started right now!
Blog more.
And another is due to start in the morning……back on my slimming world wagon. After I have finished all of the tempting Christmas goodies….of course.
2016!!! Let’s get started xx