Well , 2020, I’m not even sure where to start.

So the first 3 months of this year were spent with me feeling very poorly .

The second 3 months have been spent in lockdown due to COVID19. Furloughs, social distancing and people wearing face masks in public have all been things we had never heard of or never thought we would see! But they Are all becoming familiar and a few will become “normal”.

Although it has been a very worrying time, health wise and so much of the nation and our family and friends are having to deal with financial worries on top of the health worries. We are in the mixed position of thankfully being on our usual salaries but the double edge to that sword is that we have to go out to work which feels dangerous and a little scary really.

With that said, we have enjoyed reduced working hours and because everything is closed we have the “kids” (age 21 and 14) home all of the time and this has given us so so many sweet moments. I will always treasure the bonus family time we have had together ❤️

My heart is never fuller than when it has a full nest .

We are missing all of our extended family though and have never spent this long apart or without hugs from everyone we love. At this stage we are desperate to have time together…. and hugs . Oh those first hugs will be so sweet and hugely emotional.

As we move through towards the middle of the year, we aren’t exactly sure what we are moving towards . There is still uncertainty as everything starts to open up and COVID is going nowhere. What we do know is that we aim to move forward , all together with our family at the heart of everything….as we always have and we are doing EVERYTHING within our power to make sure everyone is here and healthy at the end of this terrible time ❤️


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