Um…. hello?

Well hello there! I’m not really sure where to start or how I got here but it is something that has been niggling at me for a while now. I guess I will begin by explaining why I have decided to start this little teeny corner of the internet.

I Have a little family blog, where I have been sharing and posting in since 2008! We love our little blog dearly and it is like our family album! It has solved many a family debate over  what dates things happened on and what year this was or that was. I started it when my kiddos were just 9 and 2 . It was easy to write every week or even sometimes more. We had lots of time together, I was a work at home mummy with a toddler who was around all day. Plenty of time for crafting and activities as a family and lots to share. My reality now is slightly different, I still work from home but I work full time with super duper busy days (which are still filled with crafts and activities as I work with children but I can’t publicly share their details and my hands are always busy busy busy) I have an almost 17yr old and a 9yr old. Both are at school and the eldest works at the weekend ! Our days and weeks look different now.

I am also becoming increasingly aware that I want my lovely offspring to have their own online identity, not one that is written in my words, from my perspective. I am sure at some point they will be horrified by some of the pictures I have already shared and so I would like to keep the audience of our little family blog nice and small and private. They are both also online now and I can’t get away with as much as I used to! (insert wink face emoticon here)

However, I just feel like I miss writing to actual people, documenting things I want to say, things I may have baked and cooked or even places we like to visit. Sending words out into some great big void where someone, somewhere can relate to them. When I first started “blogging” (I use this term ever so loosely!) I had a huge blogroll of blogs that I would indulge in daily. I still have this but it is so much smaller now! Everyone seemed to be giving up on their blogs, Instagram is where it is at now! Or I gave up reading them because they were simply advert after advert. That not what I like to read. I want to read about people lives, in their words and yes I don’t mind reading sponsored content at all! Just not every single post and it’s best with a little bit of authenticity.

So what are you likely to read about here? Umm…I’m not even sure yet!  I can tell you that I do , unfortunately, type like I talk! Fast with terrible grammar and sometimes slightly incoherent babblig. I may not have fancy photos, I love my iphone pics and I love my bridge camera (that I use on the auto setting) and I do love to take photos and I like to look at pretty things! But I do real, I do not do perfection. Everywhere I look now everything is so perfect and staged. Every detail of peoples lives are delicately arranged to be a veritable treat for the many many many eyes that now see them. Well I’m afraid that just isn’t me. What you see is what you get and what you will get is who I really am. I hope you will enjoy this little space, flaws and all.

To properly introduce myself I will attempt to write a wee blurb on my about page, if I can ever work out where it is. I may need to start a new hashtag! #MyOtherBlogWasOnBlogspot

Wish me luck!!

LeeAnn xxx






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