Happy Friday

I’m currently sitting in a silent house (bliss!) all of the kids are back to school and nursery , the teen is away at a freind’s house and for the first time in about 4 months I have a couple of hours to myself! (Insert all of the heart eyes here!!)  (oh wait … I actually can!😍😍😍) So I decided to dust off my typing fingers, pour myself my twohundredandtwentysecond cuppa of the day and type up a happy wee bloggity blog post.
I’m equal parts dismayed at how quickly the summer holidays passed by and relieved and happy that I survived the busiest working weeks of my year! I’m literally hanging by a thread this year …

Well actually hanging by some bright pink physio tape, but my reward for hanging on to he end of that rope is a wonderfully chilly, dark and oh so peaceful Friday afternoon. It’s like a delicious little prelude to my favourite seasons and I have celebrated by popping a chicken into the oven and by having a lovely pot of lentil soup bubbling away in the kitchen. Days like this are truly my happy place.

And the icing on this delicious Autumn/summer hybrid of a cake are these red jewels

Delicious red skinned potatoes, freshly dug from our wee garden! Doesn’t get much better than that.


Other things making me happy this week?  In no particular order..

The Olympics – how amazingly well have team GB done?! We’ve been blown away and completely glued to Rio 2016 . So much so that I fear our sky planner may never recover! We are down to 6% and I fear a wee white flag might pop up out of the top of the sky box at any moment!

My amazing hubby- he has picked up all of my slack this week, picked up all of the spinning plates and juggling balls that have fallen all around me while I haven’t been able to move or lift or really function for most of this week. (Actually for most of the summer) I have made sure to have some beer chilling for him tonight, I’m not sure anyone has ever deserved it more.

My fox trots – my adorable baffles (slippers) that have been aptly named by my girly. I basically live in them every day they make me so so  happy whenever I look down and see their cute little faces! I may need to order multiple pairs before Next are sold out!! I can’t imagine a future without Fred and Ginger  and this pair are already wearing slightly thin!

My kiddos – they always make me happy but this week they have really stepped up to help their poor old broken mothership. Nothing like a wee bit of vulnerability to bring out the best in people ❤️
We are tired but happy and looking forward to enjoying a quiet weekend at home, resting and recovering from our busy back to school week.
Happy Friday lovelies ☺️❤️


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